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Who Said It?  In Which Episode?
  (All quotes are from Season I)

1.  "You shot a six-year-old. What's wrong with you?"
2.  " I lost my faith, not my driver’s license.”
3. "All the rest - the careers, the homes, the cars, the money - that's the illusion."

4. "Not all boys turn out like their old men. It's not inevitable."

5. "It’s Ray.  Sometimes he’s more of a man then I can handle."

6. "I’m a cop not a shrink."

7. "A bowl of Cheerios."

8. "But, somewhere along the way, things changed and the script got darker and my role became insignificant."

9. "Beats the hell out of bungee jumping. That is for damn sure!"

10. "Not as far from the slime line as he thought."

11. "I brought a shovel."

12. "You know what Spock says: fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to the dark side."

13. "In Russia, everyone smokes...even little children. 'Stop hitting your sister, Giorgi, go have a cigarette'."

14. "Trumper gets caught in the cross fire all you’re gonna hear is 'oops'."

15. "Anytime you want to throw, Ray, we can throw. Just start swinging...I'll catch up."

A BIG Thank You to Rachel!